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From Subscribing Companies

Monumental Life Insurance Company:       

"Actuarial Grads Network has been great for us.  Using this resource, we were able to make timely contact with quality candidates by phone, interview them, and hire quickly to fill our needs.  I highly recommend this service as a source for entry-level actuarial students. "


"I've seen some really good candidates from the last batch. I made one hire and have two people coming back for second interviews. I have some others lined up for first interviews. I look forward to reading through these ones. Thanks for your help!"

Everest Reinsurance:

....That's great. Does that make three hires through The Actuarial Grads Network?  "Yes indeed! 3! and at rates much cheaper than a recruiter."

Towers Perrin:

"We have been successful using AGN as a source for our actuarial recruiting. Of the candidates you have listed xxx and xxx were sourced using AGN. The other candidates were through our campus recruiting efforts. I have interviewed several other candidates and even extended offers.... The AGN is also a good source for summer interns. I will let you know if we hire any other candidates from the AGN."

American United Life:

"I was also very surprised how easily everything worked out.  Everyone here was very impressed with Sebastian.  He made it obvious that this was his job of choice as well.  It looks like a natural fit.  I appreciate your flexibility on working with us on this.  I hope it works out for you to continue working with AUL in Indy."

Pyramid Life:

"We just got an acceptance on a job offer from xxx. She'll be starting at Pyramid Life the end of May.  Your service of providing information on new graduates has made hiring  entry level actuaries much easier."

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas:

"XXX accepted a position with our company (BlueCross BlueShield of Texas). I think the AGN is a very good idea.  I found that I had more choices as an employer than I have had in the past and for a much lower cost."

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