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Entry Level Actuarial Salary Survey
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Please click here to fill out our on-line order form together with The Actuarial Grads Network has now published a salary survey covering entry level actuaries.  The information has been derived from an employment questionnaire submitted by entry level actuaries. The questionnaire was very detailed and contained questions regarding  employment in regards to; Region, State, Start Date, Permanent Employment or Internship, Type of Company (consulting or insurance company), business line, exams passed at start, starting annual base, hiring bonus received and amount (if any), relocation required question along with relocation bonus amount.  We estimate 90% of respondents answered all questions.

You will be provided with the raw data information on each and every candidate. Your salary survey report will be presented  to you in a spreadsheet like format. This will allow you to do your own analysis of the data itself. No candidate names nor company names will appear. Currently there are approximately 80 U.S. entry level actuaries included in the survey. All of these have started or will start employment after 3/1/2001.  The information is first sorted by region of the country (i.e. Northeast, Southeast, etc.) then by line of business.

The report will be sent to you in hard copy. The price for the entry level actuarial salary survey is $500. You may choose to be invoiced or you may pay by charge card. If you have further questions you may contact us via email at or call us at 770-425-8576.

By submitting this form you agree not to share this information with any other parties
other than employees of your company.  The salary survey is for your company's use only
and it may not be published or reproduced in any way.

Please click here to fill out our on-line order form

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