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Welcome Note to Actuarial Professors

Welcome! The Actuarial Grads Network is devoted towards providing information to people pursing an education in the actuarial field leading to their first job as an actuary. We also want to provide professors with an avenue for providing a resource for their students as well as for you the professor to share ideas amongst other students and other professors. If you ever have ideas that could be added to our web site to make it a more valuable resource, please email us. If your school offers separate seminars on the exams please email us and we will post the information.

One area that you might find of particular interest is the "Education Discussion Forum". It will allow you or your students to share your thoughts, ideas, and questions with others. You may want to encourage your students to use this valuable resource. This is a great place for college and graduate students to post their questions, comments, and ideas for others to see and respond to. You as a professor may also be able to offer some insight to these students. Please feel free to post a message. Others who visit the site will have the opportunity to read your thought and respond.

Thanks, and don't forget to email your ideas and comments to us.