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AGN will forward our detailed Actuarial Career Profiles on candidates on file with The Actuarial Grads Network who have at least one exam. Please send candidates who have shown a desire to be located in the following province(s) (circle):

Alberta      British Columbia      Manitoba      New Brunswick      Newfoundland

Nova Scotia      Ontario      Quebec      Saskatchewan


Please circle desired plan:

Annual Subscription - $1695 U.S.

6 Month Subscription - $995 U.S.

  • This subscription includes our initial packet of candidate profiles plus updates on candidates that enter our network for the following 6 months.

Quarterly Subscription - $595 U.S.

Monthly Subscription - $295 U.S.


Candidates and pricing is based on a "per province" basis. In other words, candidates indicate what province they are interested in. We send you information on only those candidates that have indicated an interest in the province you select above. All invoices are due upon receipt of initial packet and the fee is applicable whether you hire or not.

Your company agrees to notify The Actuarial Grads Network of all hires whose name is provided by The Actuarial Grads Network. Your company agrees that the information provided is for the exclusive use by your company and is not to be shared with other companies or organizations including third party recruiting firms.

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Please call for our fax number






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I understand that the information on candidates provided to company above by The Actuarial Grads Network is considered highly confidential and is for the exclusive use of company above only.  Any communication of this information to other parties will result in company above being obligated to litigation and to pay substantial damages, penalties and fees.

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